Doctoral Dissertations

Researching and producing a doctoral dissertation at University of Phoenix is an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge as a scholar and to grow as a leader in a given field.

Make an impact

The culmination of your doctoral degree at the School of Advanced Studies is an in-depth, high-quality dissertation that advances a new point of view. This document is based on original research that is grounded in organizational leadership in your field of study.

In your dissertation, you will conduct independent and scholarly research on organizational leadership that is based on qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Your dissertation is developed throughout your doctoral program and will utilize the models, theories and skills you will have learned in your coursework.

We believe that starting on your dissertation early and working on it throughout the entire doctoral journey will help you produce a dissertation that confirms your mastery of your chosen field of study and is an educational and personally-enriching endeavor.

Review samples of featured dissertations to understand what School of Advanced Studies learners have worked on in past years.

Developing your dissertation

Your goal is write a dissertation that solves a meaningful social problem in your community or organization. The School of Advanced Studies gives you access to a community of advisors and researchers who are committed to helping you fulfill your academic and professional goals. These professionals are here to guide you through the essential parts of the dissertation-writing process throughout your doctoral program.

Supporting your dissertation

In addition to having access to a variety of professionals, you also have the opportunity to select your Dissertation Chair. You can select a Dissertation Chair from over 800 qualified faculty who bring a wealth of experience in scholarship and industry. Your Dissertation Chair will be able to guide your investigative journey, from selecting the appropriate research methodology to putting the final touches on your finished research paper.

Additionally, you can take advantage of over 15 dissertation workshops that help answer your questions about methodologies, writing style and requirements. And, if you have specific questions that require quick answers while you write your dissertation, you can contact a research faculty member at any time who will answer your questions within 24 – 48 hours.

Once your dissertation is complete, we can help you disseminate your research to other scholars and practitioners, as well as help you enter our Research Presentation Awards Program. This program gives up to 1,000 qualified learners, alumni and faculty the opportunity to present their research at professional and scholarly conferences.

Doctoral programs require three- to eight-day residencies in select cities. Please contact a University enrollment representative for details.

Featured Dissertations

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