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Make your mark in society by significantly influencing the lives of others from the very young to the most experienced. We offer a variety of education programs in different areas including teacher education, school administration, curriculum and instruction, adult education and training, and continuing teacher education and professional development. All programs are designed to meet industry standards and prepare individuals at different career levels, ranging from career entry to career advancement.

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Whether just entering or advancing your career in Education, what you learn can make a difference to students, peers and school communities. You'll learn from experienced educators who understand the joys and challenges you face, alongside others who share your passion.

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It’s great to be a teacher

It's great to be a teacher

It's great to be a teacher
0:10 Hello, my name is Dr. Pam Roggeman, and I’m the academic dean for the College of Education here at the University of Phoenix. 0:18 I can honestly say that one of my favorite jobs ever was being a high school English teacher for 17 years. 0:24 Teachers dedicate their lives to shaping and leading children and adults on their education journey. 0:29 It takes a passionate person to pursue a career in education. 0:32 The following teachers have been recognized for their excellence in teaching. 0:36 They are current and past-date teachers of the year. 0:39 Listen to what they have to say about finding their place in the classroom, and their pursuit of a career in education. 0:46 I love being a teacher, for so many reasons. 0:50 I get the opportunity, every day, to have something new happen in my room. 0:53 My adventure begins every day at eight a.m. 0:56 We go to the Galapagos Islands when we’re talking about Charles Darwin. 0:58 Then, at nine, we’re back to chemistry, and we’re watching a Steve Spangler video and shooting up elephant toothpaste. 1:03 I look at education as being this adventure. 1:06 I want kids to jump on my train and go on this adventure with me. 1:09 The biggest and most rewarding time are those small accomplishments my students make. 1:16 It’s that moment of learning that you can’t describe. 1:19 It’s at those times, as an educator, there is a lot of rhetoric surrounding the profession. 1:25 That little accomplishment by that child just evaporates all that rhetoric. 1:31 If you ask the public about education in America, they’ll say, “Oh, it’s broken.” 1:35 Then, if you ask them about education in their state, they’ll say, “Well, you know, we do okay, but they got some problems.” 1:44 Then, if you ask them about education in their district, they’ll say, “Oh, I think our district’s doing pretty well.” 1:48 Then, if you ask a parent about the school that their child goes to, they will say, “Oh, that’s a fantastic school, and those teachers are amazing.” 1:56 I think there’s a lesson in that, that when you really get into the schools and you really see the work that is being done, we have some fantastic teachers in this country. 2:07 When you teach school, especially public school, in a very diverse environment, there are all kinds of things that happen in a classroom on a given day. 2:15 You can’t anticipate them all, but you have to react to them in a consistent manner. 2:20 A lot of these kids that we teach, they don’t have that at home. 2:23 They don’t have that in their lives. 2:26 To have someone who truly never gives up on their ability to learn, their ability to love and to care and to forgive, is critical to the development of the child. 2:36 It becomes a way to live. 2:37 It’s not just in the classroom now. 2:39 I’m a better person. 2:40 I’m a better husband. 2:41 I’m a better father. 2:42 I’m a better colleague. 2:43 Schools are the best weapon that we have, that we can provide for our kids, to change the world. 2:51 I really, really think I have an impact on how this world ends up being. 2:59 We want a world of people who are willing to be empathetic, people who are willing to ask questions, people who are willing to take intellectual risk, people who can maintain a tolerance for ambiguity. 3:12 If we don’t teach those dispositions very explicitly in our classrooms, I don’t think we end up with a society that we want. 3:23 You don’t have to be the sage on the stage to be an amazing teacher. 3:27 I think that it helps to be a good person. 3:29 You need to love people. 3:31 I don’t mean just children. 3:32 You need to love people. 3:34 You need to love your colleagues. 3:36 You need to love the parents of your students. 3:38 You need to love your students. 3:40 We talk to each other because we are human to each other, because we laugh together, because we struggle together. 3:47 We joke a lot. 3:48 We have fun. 3:49 There’s a lot of fun that goes on in my classroom, which there has to be. 3:53 Why would I like it? 3:54 I love teaching, partly because we have a good time learning in my classroom. 4:00 You should pursue something that you’re passionate about. 4:03 If you’re passionate about helping and serving others, teaching is the single most important human endeavor, and we’d love you to be a part of that.

I believe education is the greatest gift anyone can ever be given. It levels the playing field, allowing us to overcome any obstacle and opens up the limitless possibilities this world has to offer.

You have the ability to uncover and encourage the potential within others. Discover the power of your education by speaking with an Enrollment Representative.

Our College of Education programs provide you with relevant resources and one-of-a-kind support necessary to prepare you for the evolving landscape of education. Designed by instructors with an average of 19 years of educator experience, you’ll have access to considerable curriculum content and the teaching tools necessary to meet the current demands in the field of education.

University of Phoenix initial degree programs lead to teaching certification (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary and Special Education) in certain states. The College of Education offers state-approved initial programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. The College of Education offers state-approved advanced programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Utah. Individual programs vary by state, and not all programs are available at all locations or in both online and on-campus modalities.

Candidates may request an institutional recommendation upon successful completion of their program (academic and program requirements). Candidates should check with their state agency for any state-specific requirements, including the acceptability of the University's initial programs in any state in which they intend to seek licensure or certification. Program requirements are subject to change based on state certification requirements. Please speak to a campus representative for a listing of programs available at each campus location.