Faculty Council

The College of Education Faculty Council is responsible for providing strategic leadership and general support of initiatives in the following areas: curriculum design, program assessment, program progression and degree completion requirements, academic scholarship and research activities, electronic resources, regulatory and accreditation efforts, and faculty governance. Our Faculty Council is comprised of campus college chairs and faculty members who are highly experienced in their respective disciplines, including special education, early childhood, administration, adult education, teacher leadership, and elementary and secondary education.

College of Education Faculty Council members:

Alfonso Alva, EdD (Campus College Chair, Arizona) 
Administration, reading education, SEI, teacher education 

Deb Cross, MA (Online)
Adult education and training

Nancy Ellington, MA (Online)
Early childhood, curriculum and instruction

Alexandra Escobar, MA (Campus College Chair, South Florida)
Curriculum and instruction

Kelley Gaskill, MA (Southern Colorado)
Administration, reading education, teacher education

Linda Gutsch, PhD (Online)
Administration, dissertation chair

Melissa Holmberg, PhD (Arizona)
Adult education and training/ESL/English/teacher education

Robert Hulbert, MAEd (Sacramento)
Administration, teacher education

Charity Jennings, EdD (Online)
Curriculum and instruction, teacher education

Becky Kappus, MAEd (Campus College Chair, New Mexico)
Curriculum and instruction, culturally relevant pedagogy, qualitative research

Cynthia Kennedy, PhD (Texas)
ELL, reading education, teacher education

Rich Patterson, PhD (Campus College Chair, Southern Colorado)
Administration, music

Bill Weeks, EdD (Campus College Chair, Colorado)

Patricia Wick, MA (Campus College Chair, Online California)
Administration, teacher education

Janis Wiley, EdD (Campus College Chair, Missouri)
Administration, teacher education

Elizabeth (Liz) Young, EdD (Online)
Administration, dissertation chair, early childhood, educational psychology, teacher education