Master of Arts in Education/Early Childhood Education

Our Schools Need You—Early Childhood Educators

The number of children enrolled in early childhood education programs (preschool, kindergarten and early elementary) is forecast to increase through this decade. Coupled with the retirement of "baby boomer" teachers over the next several years, the need for individuals with Early Childhood Education degrees could be on the upswing.

If you aspire to influence the lives of young children, you can take advantage of this trend by earning your Master of Arts in Education/Early Childhood Education degree from University of Phoenix.

No previous teaching experience is required. This graduate-level program will educationally prepare you to become a licensed teacher for children from birth through eight years old.

Through course work, field experiences and student teaching, this degree program prepares you to competently lead your own classroom and develop the skill-set that school administrators appreciate.

Impact the Lives of Young Children

As an early childhood educator, you'll be in a position to shape children's cognitive, social and emotional development during their formative years—helping them build a foundation for learning that will support them as they progress through their education.

The curriculum of our Early Childhood Education degree program is designed to:

  • Meet educational standards that focus on developmental, societal and technological influences on early childhood learning
  • Help you develop your own teaching skills through hands-on student teaching experiences in settings that serve children from birth through preschool, and from kindergarten through third grade

Get Practical Teaching Experience

Our Early Childhood Education degree program provides you with real-world experience through required field experiences and the student-teaching component. Both combine to help ensure that when you graduate, you'll have the tools and practical experience to teach in your own classroom.

Start the journey to becoming a teacher who helps shape lives. Contact an enrollment representative today to learn more about enrolling in the Master of Arts in Education/Early Childhood Education degree program.

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Our Education degree programs are designed to serve the needs of initial and experienced P-12 teachers, and adult educators who want to enhance their knowledge and practice of adult learning theory.

What program is best for you?

University of Phoenix initial degree programs lead to teaching certification (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary and Special Education) in certain states. The College of Education offers state-approved initial programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. The College of Education offers state-approved advanced programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Individual programs vary by state, and not all programs are available at all locations or in both online and on-campus modalities.

Candidates may request an institutional recommendation upon successful completion of their program (academic and program requirements). Candidates should check with their state agency for any state-specific requirements, including the acceptability of the University's initial programs in any state in which they intend to seek licensure or certification. Program requirements are subject to change based on state certification requirements. Please speak to a campus representative for a listing of programs available at each campus location.

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