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Broaden your worldview — and your career options

You believe that a college degree should expand your possibilities, not limit them. So do we. That’s why we offer courses in subjects like communication, literature, political science and math. They’re designed to give you a deeper understanding of your world and help you build the effective communication and problem-solving skills that are useful in any industry.

Whether you want to work in marketing, write for the media or improve the quality of our planet, you’ll find degree programs that prepare you for these roles — and multiple other careers. No matter which program you choose, know that the skills you gain from the humanities and sciences will never be obsolete.

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Humanities programs

Certificate option

By selecting our certificate option, you can earn two credentials by the time you graduate. Choose to take career-focused courses earlier in your undergraduate degree program, and earn a certificate as well as your diploma. Or, you can opt to complete your associate degree en route to your bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Science in Communication with an en route associate degree

(Upon successful completion, you’ll earn both an associate and a bachelor’s degree.)

Associate of Arts with a concentration in Communication

*Maryland residents completing undergraduate degree programs will earn an emphasis rather than a concentration in a particular area of study.

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Dean Robert Ridel, PhD

Foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation with a humanities degree.

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