Faculty Council

Three faculty councils provide leadership for the academic programs offered through the College of Humanities and Sciences. Their focus is to ensure continuous improvement and relevance.

Humanities Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council for our humanities programs serve in the capacity of academic governance, programmatic assessment and strategic planning while also providing curricula expertise and standards alignment. The Council meets monthly and is comprised of College leadership and faculty members from the English, humanities, communication and general education fields.

Serving on an ad-hoc basis, an advisory council for communication degree programs also has been established. Members of the Communication Advisory Council serve as subject matter experts for curricula development and review.

Humanities Faculty Council members:

  • Greg Beatty, PhD (Online)

  • Natasha Bryant, PhD (Associate Dean)
    First-Year Sequence

  • Jennifer Buchholz, MA (Online and Milwaukee)
    General education, First-Year Sequence, finance

  • David Dean, PhD (Associate Dean)
    English, history

  • Victor Evans, PhD (Online)

  • Kacie McCollum, EdD (Associate Dean)
    Communication, humanities

  • Marisa Ruiz, MA, MAEd (Academic Affairs)
    Senior instructional designer, council organizer

Communication Advisory Council members:

  • Ralonda Bell, MA, MS (Central Administration)
  • Bonnie Ellis, PhD (Director of Academic Affairs, Detroit)
  • Victor Evans, PhD (Online)
  • Carla Kuhlman, PhD (Campus College Chair, Colorado)
  • Kacie McCollum, EdD (Associate Dean)
  • Marisa Ruiz, MA, MAEd (Senior Instructional Designer)
  • Candace Walton, PhD (Director of Academic Affairs, Nebraska)

Math and Science Faculty Council

Members of the Math and Science Faculty Council serve the College in an advisory role for the development and review of our math and science curricula. The Council is comprised of faculty members from various fields within the math and science disciplines. Their extensive academic and professional backgrounds are indispensable in shaping our degree program offerings.

Math and Science Faculty Council members:

  • Jeffrey Brasel, PhD (Nevada)
    Chemistry, environmental science, environmental toxicology
  • Cory Jones, PhD (Nashville)
    Biology, genetics
  • Leo Leonhart, PhD (Tucson)
    Chemistry, geology
  • Shawn McCowan, PhD (Associate Dean)
    Chemistry assessment
  • Shameema Sarker, PhD (Online)
    Chemistry, microbiology
  • Hildegarde Selig, PhD (Detroit/W. Michigan)
    Environmental science, mathematics
  • Barbara Zorn-Arnold, PhD (Chicago, Online)
    Biology, ecology, statistics
  • Lance O’Dell, MAOM (Academic Affairs)
    Assessment, business, council organizer