Office of the President

Welcome to the Office of the President

I’m proud to work at University of Phoenix because we make college accessible to hard-working students like you — moms and dads, soldiers, nurses, teachers, executive and all working professionals. Most of the country thinks of college students as recent high school graduates and not as working adults. I know that’s just not the reality. I always speak of you as adults, and I tell people that they have not met a college student until they spend time with a busy adult taking classes at University of Phoenix.

I know of your numerous sacrifices and the tough decisions you make to turn your educational dreams into a reality. Because of this, University of Phoenix is not a “one-size-fits-all” education. Your success as a student, including getting the support you need and working to develop your career, is a priority to me.

I am thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant time in the history of education. It’s a time of change where numerous challenging issues have presented themselves in the past few years. As educators, we must rise to the challenge and continue making college accessible to everyone.

Bill Pepicello

At University of Phoenix, diversity is more than just a concept. It’s what we aspire to, what drives us to improve.

We believe that a high-quality education should be within everyone’s reach. If you have the desire to improve your life through gaining new knowledge and skills, opportunities to learn and grow should be abundant. It’s this simple idea that pushes us to continually innovate and build upon an education model rooted in accessibility and convenience.

I’m proud of what University of Phoenix has done to further diversity in higher education. We rank first in total minority graduates. Female students make up approximately two-thirds of our student body — and about half of our faculty. Roughly half of our students are minorities, along with around 30 percent of our instructors. And the minority student population at University of Phoenix is about 15 percent higher than the national average.

The diverse nature of our student body is a reflection of what we’ve provided throughout our nearly 40-year history: access to higher education for underserved populations. And now, diversity is something that we not only celebrate, but actively promote. Along with embracing the diversity of our students, staff and faculty, we partner with leading minority professional organizations to encourage diversity in the workplace across all industries. We also maintain a visible presence at minority-focused conferences nationwide. Visit our diversity site for more information.

It’s a privilege to be part of an institution that demonstrates its commitment to diversity in ideology and in action: It’s ingrained in our past, valued in our present and will only make us stronger in the future.

Connecting education to careers

Listen to Bill discuss how the University is helping add value to your education — and today’s workplace.

Dr. Bill Pepicello:
One of the things that we understand is that we have to continue to be responsive not just to our students’ needs, but to the needs of employers. And one of the things we really want to do is help connect our curriculum and our education to careers. So there’s been a great focus on us working with employers to help refresh and update our curriculum so that when students do graduate, they have a set of skills that employers will recognize as valuable in the workplace.

So we’ve been working, for instance, with our Bachelor of Science and Business programs to get those refreshed. We have a group of folks who are working directly with employers to help us develop competencies that we will then put into the curriculum. So we’ll be refreshing some of that curriculum. We’ll also be developing new curriculum in areas such as healthcare administration and IT. Some of these will be full programs; some of them will be certificates. What we’re looking for is how to structure that education experience so that it is valuable to our students, not just at graduation, but all along the way they have skills that are valuable to them that employers recognize as being valuable.

So the new programs and the refreshing of the old programs in line with our education to careers philosophy has been a very exciting development at the university.