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The Importance of Constitution Day

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends of University of Phoenix:

Sometimes the things that are most important in our lives are the very things that we take for granted. Sadly, that sometimes extends to the document that guarantees our rights as American citizens, the United States Constitution. The late Senator Robert Byrd believed that "everything we do in everyday life is touched upon by the Constitution of the United States." As a result, he pushed for passage of a bill to make the date the original document was signed an officially recognized day by schools and institutions of higher learning.

Constitution Day is September 17, 2013.

The American Constitution establishes the rule of law, as well as the system of checks and balances between the three branches of government and it is generally acknowledged as the "law of the land." And yet many Americans don’t actually know what rights are contained therein and how they affect us. The University is proud to make information available about the Constitution on a dedicated website that can be found at phoenix.edu/constitution. The site will be available September 10 through September 24.

I’d like to extend a personal invitation to all of you to visit the site, check out some of the links including a link to the Constitution itself, a page with the history of the Constitution, as well as a link to a national voter registration form. If you aren’t registered to vote, why not take this opportunity to do so now? In addition, the site includes a short interactive tutorial where you can test your knowledge of the Constitution.

You might say this website is "of the people, by the people, and for the people" –which you may be interested to learn is not a quote from the Constitution at all, but rather the Gettysburg Address. There’s a lot there to learn.

Let’s be certain we do our best to celebrate Constitution Day, as well as our rights as citizens, this year and each year hereafter!


Bill Pepicello, Ph.D.

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