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An open letter to the alumni and all current students of University of Phoenix.

Dear alumni and students,

As part of the University of Phoenix® family, you know how important the role our university plays in the American higher education system. We serve diverse, working adults by providing high-quality, relevant and innovative certificate and degree programs that meet the needs of students and employers. 

In the four decades since Dr. John Sperling founded University of Phoenix in an effort to serve students taking nontraditional paths, the University has graduated nearly one million working adults, helping them achieve their higher education goals. And today, University of Phoenix looks to the future with a commitment to change the lives of its students, their families and future generations through higher education.

We can be proud of our history, just as we are proud of the student body that represents the University today. Over 70% of you work while earning your degrees, most of you are also raising families (67% of you have dependents at home). And diversity is the cornerstone of our University (48% underrepresented minorities, 15% military students and 66% female). Equally important, you are true pioneers (62% first-generation college students), changing the trajectory of your families forever.

For our part, the leadership team and I remain focused on ensuring our University continues to deliver a high-quality, career-relevant education that prepares students with skills that today’s employers seek. Like other institutions, we’re committed to ensuring that our educational programs remain affordable. 

We can all be encouraged by public validation of our University and the success of our alumni. The College Scorecard, released by the U.S. Department of Education in September 2015, shows that among public and private universities with more than 15,000 students, University of Phoenix alumni have a “salary after attending” that is above the national average (and the within the top 25 among large institutions), and that the University’s “average annual cost” is below the national average among private universities. Additionally, the University is proud to note that its official three-year federal student loan cohort default rate is 13.5%, slightly above the national average of 11.8%. 

That’s encouraging for us all, as we strive to achieve our vision for University of Phoenix to be recognized as the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for working adults. 

And yet, I know that all this success is achieved one class, one assignment, one hard day’s work at a time. That is a testament to your hard work, determination and grit – qualities I am always so proud to see in such abundance amongst our students and alumni. Thank you for those qualities, and for being part of our University’s unique history.

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Alumni stories

 Chris Jenkins, BSIT

I am a University of Phoenix alumnus and a retired US Army service member. I earned my BSIT this year, and I must say that the experience was both eye opening and incredibly rewarding. I was provided with every resource and opportunity to succeed; I just needed to provide the desire and time. The end result for me is that I am a more critical thinker than I was before, I have obtained knowledge that I desired, and I completed a life goal – to have a college degree.

 Richard Keeler, MBA

I am a software engineer supporting every major security monitoring firm in the world. I completed a Bachelor’s in Business and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. I invested a total of 4.5 years towards my education while working full time. After serving eight years in the United States Navy, I needed a degree to back up my experience. UOPX allowed me to complete my education in a timely manner and gave me the opportunity to apply those credentials to my career.