Dean’s Message

While the American ideals of individual independence and self-reliance are alive and well, those ideals often need to be modified because of rapid changes in our lives. Changes in American society—including the developments in technology, movement toward an aging society, improvements in health care and threats to our economy—are having a direct impact on our lives and are creating challenges to our communities, families and our mental health.

The College of Social Sciences seeks to meet these challenges. Three of our degree programs—Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Psychology—help students understand how people think and process information; develop an awareness of the needs of society, families and individuals; and gain skills to assist in meeting those needs. At a more intensive level, our Master of Science in Counseling prepares students to be licensed to work with individuals, families, students and communities in numerous settings to resolve issues of concern while moving toward better mental health.

Our college is a community of professionals who understand human dilemmas and concerns, and have the desire to help those facing life’s transitions. If you have the interest and compassion to provide services to others, we have programs that can help you reach that goal.

— Lynn K. Hall, Ed.D., Dean

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