Psychology Degrees

A Psychology degree at University of Phoenix® focuses on the general psychology of individuals. Whether you choose an online or an on-campus experience, you'll gain an understanding of the cognitive and affective processes that underlie human behavior and learn important critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to conduct research and evaluate behavior.

About the Psychology Degrees

The College of Social Sciences offers a Master of Science in Psychology. These programs are designed in collaboration with experts in the field and are taught by faculty who have years of industry experience.

In addition to our Psychology degree programs, students have the option to take individual Psychology courses for professional development. Talk to our enrollment representatives to assist you with programs available in your area.

Master's Degrees in Psychology

The master’s degree in Psychology focuses on the scientific study of human behavior, thought processes and emotions rather than the clinical psychological study of individuals. As a student, you will engage in deep discussions involving cognitive and affective processes that underlie human behavior and will gain an understanding in research methodologies.

The program provides professionals in business, marketing, human resources, government services and education with an understanding of the cognitive and affective processes. Coursework includes research methodologies, critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to evaluate the human experience and behavior. Students will learn theoretical principles of inter- and intra-personal issues. Courses do not lead to professional licensure.

Individual Psychology Courses

With the College of Social Sciences you can enhance your individual growth with an array of psychology courses. There are individual psychology courses available at the undergraduate level and the graduate level.

Speak to an Enrollment Representative about our degree programs in Psychology or individual courses. These programs do not prepare a graduate to practice as a psychologist.

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