University of Phoenix Technology Award Recipient

We were one of the few organizations to be honored for innovative and effective uses of technology in education and in the service of our students. We’re heavily invested in our greatest resources – our students and faculty – to ensure you have access to the latest technology to advance your education.

The Latest Technology Starts With You

University of Phoenix is a pioneer and leader in making higher education highly accessible for working students through online learning. The innovative online platform that our students access every day to complete their education was recognized with an international award in 2005 by the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET). Each year WCET recognizes a select number of organizations who use advanced technology in higher education with the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award.

An Incubator for Digital Education Innovation

We’ve developed a robust online platform that organizes and distributes academic content and learning tools in a digital format to students.

This is the “electronic classroom” that provides you with the materials needed to complete your courses. It’s the forum in which you download course materials, collaborate with your peers and instructors, conduct research and access advanced virtual learning tools.

Since the introduction of our online platform, we’ve discovered new ways to use digital content and technology to enhance the learning process.

Our online portal has expanded to include more advanced learning tools and resources including: 

  • eBook Collection—A collection of hundreds of electronic textbooks that you can access at anytime, virtually anywhere through the online University Library. In many courses, selected readings are compiled from a variety of textbooks into a digital reader. This gives you the opportunity to read a diverse range of materials. 
  • Topic-Based Online Simulations—Custom simulations place you in real-world environments as a key decision maker. These sophisticated electronic demonstrations enable you to explore and manipulate information in order to test hypotheses and assess results in a controlled environment. You’ll learn to apply critical-thinking skills to decision-making situations. 
  • Virtual Organizations—Realistic electronic environments for businesses, schools, health care and government organizations that give you practical knowledge in a real-world work setting. The Internet and intranet sites for these fictitious organizations enable you to access fictitious, confidential and proprietary data that would otherwise be unavailable. This allows you to research and study companies on a level that is more indicative of what you will face in the real world.

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