Health Care Management – hcs325 (3 credits)

The course explores fundamental concepts of management theory as applied to health care. Students will examine the organizational structure of the health care delivery system and administrative processes such as planning, problem solving, decision making, and quality productivity improvement. Emphasis will also be placed on the major issues and problem areas confronting health service administrators.

This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Motivation and Conflict Management

  • Identify effective conflict resolution management.
  • Describe motivational methods needed to influence organizational change.
  • Discuss the role of the manager in relation to conflict management.

Challenges in Today’s Health Care Industry

  • Examine the ethical challenges for health care managers. 
  • Describe the environmental influences that relate to the health care industry.

Management and Leadership Roles and Functions

  • Recognize the roles of managers and leaders in the diversified health care industry.
  • Explain the four major functions of management to a health care setting.
  • Describe the role of building internal and external relationships in effective management.

Organizational Structure

  • Describe appropriate communication methods for managers of organizational models.
  • Identify organizational processes that support problem solving.
  • Explain the importance of teams in health care.

Administrative Processes

  • Describe the steps related to the planning and organizational functions of management.
  • Describe the effects of controls used in health care management.
  • Explain the administrative process needed to track outcomes and improve quality and safety.

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