Introduction To Graduate Study In Health Sciences/nursing – hcs504 (1 credit)

This course provides new graduate students in the college with an introduction to strategies for success within the university's adult learning model. Topics include program standards and objectives; graduate-level oral and written communication; locating, evaluating, and citing scholarly resources; and purposes and use of portfolios.

This graduate-level course is 3 weeks. This course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Introduction to Graduate Study; Learning Team Dynamics

  • Describe strategies for effective presentations.
  • Analyze various characteristics needed for effective teams.
  • Describe personal reasons for pursuing graduate study.
  • Describe the university learning model and goals.
  • Identify several focus areas for graduate study.
  • Identify the purposes and use of portfolios.
  • Identify the advantages and challenges of working in teams.
  • Develop strategies for conflict resolution.

Successful Strategies for Graduate Study

  • Describe strategies for time and stress management.
  • Describe effective communication skills and techniques.
  • Analyze your personal communication strengths and identify areas that need improvement.

Scholarly Work

  • Integrate professional sources into written work and presentations.
  • Apply format consistent with American Psychological Association guidelines.
  • Use valid and reliable professional sources in scholarly work.

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