Criminal Justice degrees

Receive up to 30 credits for your Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), or transfer credits from SMIP, FBINAA and Basic Corrections Academy training toward a Criminal Justice degree.



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A Criminal Justice degree is more than just a matter of record.

A safer community starts with people like you — so arm yourself with the education to get the job done by earning your Criminal Justice degree from University of Phoenix.

Flexibility and convenience are important to you, which is why taking just one 5 or 6-week class at a time will help you balance coursework and focus on just one subject rather than juggling many. Balancing work and school can be challenging, but finding time for both can be a bit easier if you earn your criminal justice degree online or on-campus. Our online programs allow you to collaborate with classmates from diverse backgrounds in an interactive, virtual environment.

You want a reputable program with classes that cover relevant material. The curricula in our criminal justice degree programs is designed with the shared knowledge of criminal justice agencies, external membership relations with the International Association of the Chief of Police, FBI National Academy Associates, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the National Sheriffs’ Association.

You want your education to be as unique as you are — which is why we offer many electives that can fit well into your own degree path.

There are many cost-benefits to our on-campus or online Criminal Justice degree programs. Complete your degree in less time and for less money with our Prior Learning Assessment. Receive up to 30 credits for your Basic Police Academy (POST) training. Students with Peace Officers and Standards Training (POST) completion or military/federal law enforcement training have the option to transfer even more credits. Alternatively, students can get credit for SMIP, FBINAA, and Basic Corrections Academy.

Our on-campus or online Criminal Justice degree programs can help prepare you to work in careers including probation officers, correctional treatment specialists, child protective services, compliance officers, and administrative or management positions within the criminal justice fields.

The University’s Criminal Justice programs are educational degree programs. For those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, corrections or as a peace officer with any particular local, state, federal or international agency, there are numerous additional qualifications (and often disqualifications) depending on the position. Before enrolling in a Criminal Justice program, potential students are highly encouraged to check with the relevant agency for a complete list of position requirements. The University makes no representations regarding whether any particular University program will qualify a graduate for any such position.

Protect your community and contribute to a better society — it all starts with a Criminal Justice degree.

Earn a degree in our College of Humanities and Sciences because:

Tuition Guarantee

We promise you'll keep the same affordable tuition until you graduate from your degree program. Count on tuition to be as dependable as your education. 

Save time and money

Complete your degree in less time and for less money with our Prior Learning Assessment. Receive up to 30 credits for your Peace Officers and Standards Training (POST) training. Alternatively, students can get credit for SMIP, FBINAA, and Basic Corrections Academy.


Get support when you need it with career services, tutoring, and financial aid support at more than 60 campus locations nationwide while earning your criminal justice degree.

Featured programs in Criminal Justice



Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice:

Begin your journey in the world of criminal justice with this online program that teaches you the fundamentals behind criminal justice, corrections and security. Many who pursue this degree later enroll in a police academy or other civil servant program and continue to lay the foundation for careers in local, county, state and federal law enforcement; corrections officers; parole officers; and probation officers. Your classes will cover subjects including:

  • Criminal and constitutional law
  • Forensic science
  • Corrections
  • Investigation
  • Crime scene management
  • Juvenile justice





Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration:

This on-campus and online criminal justice degree program is designed to help you develop important leadership and administrative skills associated with law enforcement. It covers theories and implementation of policing practices, the court systems and development of leadership and administration skills. You’ll learn from criminal justice practitioners that represent local, state and federal organizations; police chiefs; wardens; judges and criminal investigators. Students who graduate from this program often pursue careers as supervisors of police and detectives, security managers and loss prevention managers. In addition to studying the history behind law enforcement, courts, and corrections, you’ll learn:

  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Communications
  • Strategic decision making
  • Practical application



Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice:

Earn your criminal justice degree online in this program that provides students with a strong foundation in criminal justice principles, concepts, and theories, as well as a practice orientation to justice administration with both local and global perspectives and prepares you for areas of supervision and administration. You’ll benefit from this program because you’ll receive your associate’s degree first and be able to add it to your résumé before moving on to complete your bachelor’s degree. You’ll receive core instruction in criminal justice as it is represented in the domains of law enforcement, criminal courts and corrections then advance to emphasis courses within the broad domains of criminal justice. You’ll also learn:

  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Communications
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Practical application



Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security:

This advanced online criminal justice degree program goes beyond theory to help you gain real-world insight into how governments operate and helps you develop the skills necessary to create and implement public policy. You’ll develop the skills necessary for a career in government policy, organization and management at the local, federal, and state level. Students who graduate from this program might later hold management roles in public and private organizations, become regulatory affairs managers and compliance managers. You’ll learn:

  • Project management
  • Strategic decision-making

Alternatively, you could choose to study public administration — another area that allows you to put your skills to use serving your community and the greater good. Many who graduate with degrees in public administration pursue careers dealing with policy planning, operations, finances, communications and administration in the public sector — although some choose to work in private, nonprofit and public service roles

Which area is best for you?

Pick an area of interest and explore options in a variety of fields:

Get recognized

Students who meet eligibility requirements can join the Eta Theta University chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma the National Criminal Justice Honor Society where you can develop additional professional and personal leadership skills and find more opportunities for service to the community and the profession.

Make a difference

Earn your criminal justice degree online or at your local campus one 5- or 6-week course at a time. Whether your dream is to make a real difference in your community, protect people and property, or just contribute to the overall greater good — a degree in criminal justice from University of Phoenix could help make your dream career a reality.