Graduate Programs

University of Phoenix offers master’s degrees that allow our students to advance their graduate education in valued fields such as business, education, technology and counseling.

Our master’s degree programs are carefully designed to prepare students for the competitive professional world.

Enrolling in a Master’s Degree Program

The master’s degree is the first step into graduate education. To enroll in a master’s degree program, you’ll need to have earned an undergraduate degree in a comparable field. Review our graduate admissions requirements to begin the enrollment process.

Some master’s degree programs are available online, while others can be completed at one of our campus locations.

Degree Programs

Choose a master’s degree program that compliments your professional and academic interests.

MBA Concentrations

The University of Phoenix School of Business offers several MBA concentrations, including accounting and marketing.

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Scholarship opportunities

Browse through numerous scholarship opportunities to help you fund your education. You can also learn the best ways to search and apply for scholarships.