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University of Phoenix is committed to advancing faculty research and innovation to help you develop new insights into teaching and learning so you can help students achieve more through education.

Our commitment is a natural extension of our 35-year tradition of quality teaching and learning. We encourage you and all University of Phoenix faculty members to conduct research that adds value to the University’s core mission of teaching and learning. In addition, we support research and innovation that addresses issues in your field or discipline, which can help you expand your expertise in the classroom.

We support faculty across the full life cycle of scholarship:

Readiness: By developing an organizational awareness and culture of scholarship, the University helps you stay aligned with research and innovation that furthers our educational mission.

Support: University of Phoenix provides financial support in the form of grants, fellowships and other resources to help make research possible at various levels of scholarly inquiry.

Execution: The Office of Scholarship Support answers questions, administers programs and provides additional resources for your research efforts.

Communication: We help you disseminate your work through internal sources like the Scholars Archive found on this site, as well as external resources of scholarly discourse, like the peer-reviewed Journal of Leadership Studies, managed in the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies.

Documentation: We are working to catalog, report, and recognize scholarship across the institution.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

University of Phoenix protects the rights and treatment of human research subjects by having all research projects involving University of Phoenix, their faculty or students reviewed to ensure they comply with IRB standards. Our researchers and research reviewers are educated on IRB compliance.

University of Phoenix Federalwide Assurance Number: 00004202

These web pages are a destination for life-long learners and University of Phoenix faculty members to acquire up-to-date information and further academic exploration. Here, you can:

Learn about available research programs funding.

Discover policies and procedures for furthering your research as a University of Phoenix faculty member.

Explore new findings from recent studies.

By focusing faculty attention on the exploration of new research opportunities within their respective disciplines we hope to generate more findings that will provide new insight and deeper dialogue into the teaching and learning experiences.
Academic Dean Jeremy Moreland, PhD

Q.  Who is eligible to receive a grant?

A.  A research study’s principal investigator, who is an active University of Phoenix Faculty Member in good standing.

Q. How do the grants and fellowship programs differ from the honoraria and publishing programs?

A.  General research grants are awarded to support the development and execution of original faculty research projects; the teaching and learning fellowship program awards support research and innovation specific to teaching in learning within an academic discipline.

The scholarship honoraria and Excellence in Publication awards recognize faculty who present and/or publish their work via scholarly channels (conference presentations, refereed journal publications, etc.). Faculty members are permitted to participate in both programs.

Q.  When are awards accepted, and can one applicant receive more than one award per year?

A.  Yes, an individual may submit multiple applications for independent research projects. Each project must be an independent project and not a version/aspect of a single project. Each grant application will be evaluated independently and competitively – applicants can only receive one grant or fellowship per year.   Applications are accepted and awards announced throughout the year.

Q. If I receive a grant or fellowship, does that prevent me from receiving the Excellence in Publication award or the Scholarship Honoraria?

A.  No, grant and fellowship recipients are not excluded from receiving Excellence in Publication awards or the Scholarship Honoraria.

Q.  How often are awards granted?

A.  Awards will be announced on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Q.  Approximately how long after I submit an application will I be informed of the committee’s decision?

A.  Grant recipients will be notified within 45 days of submitting their completed grant application.

Q.  If I have questions about the application process or just a question in general, who do I contact?

A.  Please direct all questions to OSS@phoenix.edu

Q.  Is the funding limited?

A.  Yes. The grant program is reviewed on an annual basis, and funds are awarded as available on a first-in, first-out basis.

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