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3 apps that take your small-business Facebook page to the next level

Apps for Facebook small business pages

A Facebook® page is a must for small businesses looking to connect with their customer base. But — once you become comfortable using all the standard page tools that Facebook gives you, such as events and notes — how can you match what the big brands do on Facebook?

One answer is to install Facebook applications, which can give your company a better understanding of its customers, more personalization of your company's profile and better tools to promote products or services. Below, you'll find three apps that make other small business Facebook pages stand out.

1. SurveyMonkey®

SurveyMonkey® can help you post and embed surveys for your Facebook followers

This tool can help you post and embed surveys for your Facebook followers and generate feedback. To use this app to embed surveys on Facebook, you must have a SurveyMonkey account, have linked your Facebook account in the My Account page on the SurveyMonkey website, and have added the SurveyMonkey Facebook app to your own small-business page.

Any surveys that you've created on the SurveyMonkey website can be embedded in Facebook and accessed by users on your page through the SurveyMonkey tab or as a link in a status updates. According to Jim Stewart, a marketing instructor in the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Idaho Campus and district sales manager in the telecommunications industry, "this data can be then used for everything from customizing marketing materials to making product development updates."

2. Pagemodo SM

The Pagemodo app provides easy-to-use templates to control what users see

Facebook welcome pages have enabled many businesses to control what users see upon visiting, and the Pagemodo app provides easy-to-use templates. You can show off pictures or videos that explain the business, maps to brick-and-mortar locations, fan coupons or a real-time Twitter® feed. No design or coding experience is necessary to create a page, but some knowledge of these skills might be helpful to ensure the images you use look their best.

3. Contests for Fan Pages

Engaging and rewarding users is key to growing a following on your business page

Engaging and rewarding users is key to growing a following on your business page. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through contests. By using the Contests for Fan Pages app, you can quickly and easily create custom photos, videos, designs, logos and essay contests that are centered on your products or services. Not sure of what to give the winner? Companies reward winners with everything from cash to complimentary products and services.

Which Facebook apps have you used on your business page and what was your experience? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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