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How you can put Pinterest to work

Pinterestâ„ , an online image pinboard that's popular for allowing you to organize web images you find inspiring, may be one of the most talked-about social startups of the past six months. The question: Can Pinterest make your professional life a bit easier, or is it another way to waste your time online?

Noland Hoshino, a graduate of the University of Phoenix MBA program and co-founder of digital and social-good marketing company [B]cause Media, mapped out how Pinterest can (1) help you show off your professional skills through a visual resumé, (2) allow you to collaborate by inviting others to post to your board and (3) build your company by showcasing its products and services.

Pinterest Infographic

How you can put Pinterest to work

To start pinning:

  • Request an invite
  • Once invited, sign in using your Twitter® or Facebook® login.

Create a Pinterest resumé:

  • Your name
  • What you do

Create a new board:

  • Click "Add" in the top bar.
  • Select "Create a Board."
  • Name your board.
  • Click "Create Board."

Pin charts, tables and newspaper clippings of your achievements and skills.

"Pinterest is an amazing vision board. Therefore, don't just pin your past achievements — be creative in showing where you want to be in the future, too." - Noland Hoshino

Include academic achievements and certifications.

Collaborate on your next project

Allow others to pin to your board:

  • On your profile page, click "Edit" on the board you want to share.
  • Change "Who Can Pin" to "Me + Contributors."
  • Type the email address or user name of those you want to add.
  • Click "Save Settings."

Create collaborative storyboards for processes and outcomes.

"By adding multiple people to a board, you can collaboratively storyboard a project and get ideas on what the outcome of the project should look like." - Noland Hoshino

Get feedback from co-workers on products and designs.

Build your company's image.

Tips for company profile pins:

  • Ensure you have permission to pin images.
  • Hire a designer to create images worth sharing.
  • Use images that make sense for your brand.

Show off your products or services.

"Pin images and tips on how to more effectively use your product or service, and pin images that inspire people to share, such as infographics." - Noland Hoshino

Hold a contest

"Want to engage users, drive traffic to your site and get people sharing your images? Start a contest. Include the necessary information in the image so users can repin them." - Noland Hoshino

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