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7 ways to power up your career with Pinterest

Use Pinterest to boost your career

When it comes to your career, can you pin it to win it? Pinterest® Pin Boards get their fair share of cute photos of kittens climbing out of hatboxes, and pictures of cotton balls made into Halloween ghost pins. But you can also use the Pinterest business pages, which are designed for commercial use, to offer a clear picture of your professional expertise.

“Your Pin Board can show potential clients or colleagues another layer,” says Kerrie Kelly, a California-based interior designer and author who earned her MBA from University of Phoenix. “It says, ‘Here’s what you might not know about me from my resumé.’”

Major retailers and media companies rushed to embrace this virtual bulletin board, but small-business owners, creative types and freelancers of every stripe use it, too.  Best of all, the business pages offer analytics information about your traffic, so you can follow your success and tweak your strategy if necessary.

Here, Kelly shares her tips on how to use the site to advance your career:


Showcase your personal style.

When choosing pictures to pin, consider what sets you or your company apart, and then tailor your pins to highlight those abilities. “Quirky or unusual things often get the most play on Pinterest,” Kelly says. “But most of all, be authentic. That will separate you from the competition.”

Every word counts, too. “Aim for short, punchy phrases in your About Me section, board names and captions,” Kelly advises. If you’re stumped, post a short quote you find meaningful.


Avoid oversharing.

“Know that everyone’s watching: your toughest client, your mom and the media,” Kelly says. Before pinning anything personal, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable showing the picture to all three of those audiences — plus the meanest girl in your high school.


Be consistent.

Your Pinterest look and language should match your website, newsletter and any other professional communications. “Consistency builds your brand and solidifies your message,” Kelly counsels. “If you have a signature logo, color or catchphrase, keep it in the family on Pinterest.”

Also, to build a steady audience, pin regularly. Kelly recommends pinning, at most, three times a day — any more, and you may appear to spend more time pinning than working.


Earn good-credit karma.

“Pin unto others as you would have them pin unto you,” Kelly quips.  Always give credit where it’s due, with links whenever possible. Sites or vendors you credit might reciprocate and send traffic your way.


Be generous with good news.

When announcing an award or other accomplishment, set a light, appreciative tone with your caption. “Be inclusive and celebratory when tooting your own horn,” Kelly says. “This makes people feel attached to your business.”


Follow trendsetters.

Remember that old saying about knowing people by the company they keep? That holds true on Pinterest, so follow industry innovators. “This demonstrates that you’re well-informed and forward-looking,” Kelly notes. Study how they describe their key values and products, which could come in handy for a business proposal or job application.


Collaborate on a Pin Board.

Join forces and create a group board with other Pinterest users, Kelly suggests. You could team up with co-workers or clients, or partner with another business to broaden your network — and potentially net some new customers.

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