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4 in-demand social media jobs

Social media jobs

Many of us are hooked on social media in some form — and this addiction has not gone unnoticed in the business world: A social media study of Fortune 500 companies this year revealed that 77 percent keep active Twitter® accounts and 70 percent have a Facebook® page.

As companies become more savvy about their social media strategies, the number of jobs in the field has increased. An analysis by Indeed.com found that job ads with “social media” in the description rose 28 percent from 2012 to 2013, and a desire for workers experienced in these platforms also grew.

“At its most basic, this is a huge opportunity for companies to reach their customers,” says Noah Brier, BA, co-founder of Percolate, a company that helps brands with their digital content strategies. “Social media offers unique opportunities for brands to move from renting audiences with commercials to owning them through follows [on Twitter or Facebook].”

Since these fields are so new, Brier notes, “any number of educational backgrounds” can serve you well. “Ultimately,” he adds, “the job is about creativity, strategy, business, and media and, most importantly, understanding what makes people tick. You can connect almost any major back to at least two or three of them.” Here, Brier describes four in-demand social media jobs:


Content strategist

As the person in charge of managing a brand’s social presence, this role requires more than just posting to the Facebook website and sending out Tweets on the Twitter network. “You need to have a combination of visual, copy and strategic skills,” Brier emphasizes, “as social channels become a more important marketing channel for the enterprise.”

Those who hold this position are responsible for establishing and maintaining the brand’s social voice while creating content that compels fans and followers to engage with the brand.


Mobile app developer

Many companies are being aggressive about shrinking their sites and messages to fit the array of hand-held devices being used today. “Anything having to do with development right now is a huge opportunity,” Brier says. “With the expansion in mobile usage, you have a job” that companies across the globe are hiring for.


Customer service rep/community manager

More than half of consumers use social media to seek help from companies. In this position, you might Tweet step-by-step instructions to a befuddled consumer on how to troubleshoot a leaking dishwasher, for instance, or answer questions people have posted about a company’s products or services on its Facebook page. Keeping customers happy by providing critical information is key in this role, Brier notes.

As businesses engage larger audiences, there’s always a chance that some consumers will respond negatively. Community managers are company gatekeepers, sometimes handling customer complaints or providing information via social media. For example, FedEx turned to social media to help diffuse consumer backlash when a video of an employee tossing packages went viral on the Internet.


Business analytics manager

As brands extend their reach across more social media platforms, studying the numbers from page hits, likes, comments, shares, Retweets and clicks is becoming increasingly necessary to determine how to increase brand favorability and social impact.

“As brands are investing more money, this role gains importance,” Brier says. “It helps identify what’s working, what’s not and ideally ensures the whole team remains on track.”

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