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These articles on developments in both K–12 and higher education serve teachers looking to give their job trajectories a boost, as well as experts in other fields who’ve decided to move into education.

Special education teacher

What it takes to become a special education teacher

Working in special education requires more than a bachelor’s degree and state ...

Writing cursive

Is learning cursive writing still necessary?

If you ask kids why a cursive “Q” looks like a “2,” or where exactly you start ...

STEM fields

Why consider a career in a STEM field?

You may have heard the term “STEM” in the news and in conversations about job ...

Social media in the classroom

How teachers can use social media in the classroom

If you’re a teacher, you’re likely always looking for ways to get your students ...

Learn about skills employers want

How to teach your students to be better writers

Know the old saying that “good writers are born, not made”? In classrooms from ...

Become a teacher

Considering a career as a teacher? Here are 5 things you can expect from University of Phoenix

If you’ve dreamed of a career as a teacher, you’ll need to take specific steps ...

Teacher mentor

What is a teacher leader?

Teacher mentors. Curriculum specialists. Staff development leaders. ...

Flipping classroom tips

7 ways to successfully flip a classroom

Flipped teaching — in which students do teacher-prepared video lessons at home ...

Why get a doctorate?

Why get a doctorate?

Think earning a doctorate means becoming a college professor? “This is a common ...

Common Core standards

5 ways Common Core standards affect education

If you have kids in school, you might have found yourself scratching your head ...

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