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Whether you have an independent spirit and are still looking for projects to invest your time and energy in, or you’ve found your passion and are ready to make your vision a reality, these articles can help.

Mental health counselor

5 simple tips for people who hate networking

People love to hate on professional networking: It’s transactional, they say — ...

Write a business plan

How to write a business plan

Launching a new business can be a challenge, even for professionals who’ve done ...

Video tips

Video tips to promote yourself online

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” as the saying goes, and the same holds ...


5 ways to become a self-leader

Why should you become a self-leader?...


5 SEO tips for small-business owners

If you create a website for your business but no one knows where it is, can you ...


5 tips from successful faculty entrepreneurs

Much like Batman or Superman, many University of Phoenix faculty members lead ...

How to be a successful entrepreneur

How to be a successful entrepreneur

A key trait of entrepreneurs who make it is optimism, and it’s no wonder. If ...

Networking for small-business owners

5 ways networking can support your startup

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive marketplace, ...

Startup business

5 ways to evaluate your startup business idea

At 2 am, you had a flash of genius and came up with what sounds like a great ...

Get funding for your startup idea

5 websites that fund entrepreneurial dreams

Want to launch a small business but lack the cash? Unless you’ve got an angel ...

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