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Poll: Students reveal the best music to study to

If you crank up the tunes when doing your homework, you aren’t alone. A recent informal poll on the University of Phoenix Facebook® page shows that aficionados of listening to music while studying outweigh those seeking silence by a 10-to-1 ratio.

The results are not surprising, says Chris Brewer, MA, who wrote “Soundtracks for Learning: Using Music in the Classroom” and is a music consultant to educators. “Music can be helpful because it can ... moderate our mental and physical state,” Brewer points out. “If you’re tired, you might try something energizing and upbeat, like drumming. Or when you’re having a hard time focusing, you might try listening to something more calming.” If you do enjoy playing music while studying, however, Brewer recommends against compositions with lyrics because the words can be distracting.

Ryan Kuck, an online instructor for the University’s College of Humanities and Sciences, as well as a professional bass player who holds a Master of Music degree, agrees, adding, “My advice to students is to experiment with music and see what results you get. If one type of music works for you, then roll with it.”

Check out what University students prefer to listen to when they study:

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