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What StackTrack can do for you


The StackTrack™ certificate option at University of Phoenix can help you gain marketable job skills earlier in your degree program by allowing you to take career-related, core courses — and earn certificates for your efforts — well before completing the rest of your general education requirements and receiving your diploma, according to Hinrich Eylers, PhD, executive dean of the School of Advanced Studies.

Here, he explains what StackTrack can do for you: 

Strengthen your resumé.
“[Students] can add those certificates to their resumés while they’re still in school,” Eylers emphasizes, which can help make them more marketable to prospective employers. “[This gives] them an opportunity to show employers they’ve gained relevant knowledge in their fields of interest.”

Help expand career possibilities.
If you’re already in the career of your choice, earning a certificate shows that you’ve added more training and industry-standard skills to your qualifications, which can allow you to pursue promotions or more responsibility on the job. 

Keep you motivated to graduate.
The new “stackable” approach that’s being built into most of the University’s undergraduate degree programs could help keep students in school, Eylers says.

“In a traditional degree program, students often have little to show for their efforts until graduation two, four, maybe even five or six years down the road if they’re working adults,” Eylers notes. “When faced with completing a 60-credit associate degree or a 120-credit bachelor’s, many students feel overwhelmed and often drop out.” 

With StackTrack, he points out, “our students are able to realize achievable goals” all the way to graduation.