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University scholarship program aims to cut tuition

Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program

Looking for ways to save on college tuition? So are many of the schools you may be considering, says Bill Berry, who holds a Doctor of Management degree and serves as dean of the School of Business for University of Phoenix.

“Public, private and for-profit universities are trying to adapt to our changing economy by offering tuition freezes and more institutional scholarships and grants,” he notes. “University of Phoenix is doing the same, through our Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program.”

Launched this fall, the scholarship program offers tuition reductions after a student’s first full year in an undergraduate degree program, Berry explains. Once that first year is successfully completed at the regular per-credit rate, the University will reduce the cost of subsequent courses — all the way to graduation — as long as the student meets the program’s eligibility requirements.

Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program

This program could add up to significant savings — as much as $10,000 for a new student with no previous college credit who is seeking a bachelor’s degree.

“The University was founded on the idea of removing barriers to degree completion,” Berry notes. “Too often, high tuition costs are what keep a student from continuing on to graduation. We’re hopeful that students who take advantage of the Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program can focus on staying in class, working toward their goal of earning that degree.”

Exploring new ideas to help keep the cost of college in check is an ongoing trend in higher education, including at the University, he says.

“I see the University working more and more with states and other organizations to continue to find creative ways to keep tuition costs down,” he notes, “and to help make student loan repayment more bearable when that time comes.”