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Want to network with fellow students and alumni?


University of Phoenix and its vast online presence connect thousands of students from every corner of life at any given time — whether they take courses online or at a campus.

But do they ever really get to know their fellow students? Is that even possible at such a large school?

Yes, according to Holger Buerger. They can do it through the PhoenixConnect® academic social network and its enhanced People Directory tool.

We want to help students make connections that will last a lifetime.

“We’re taking social media to the next level — in a more personalized space where people can easily search for others by mutual interests, degree programs, employers, locations or professions,” says Buerger, a senior product manager for academic productivity solutions at Apollo Education Group, the University’s parent company.

It’s “a huge value-add for our students,” Buerger says, noting that the People Directory is quickly becoming indispensable for career networking, too. “We want to help students make the kinds of connections that will last a lifetime — that enable them to focus on their success in class and in their jobs going forward.”

The key, he explains, is for students and alumni to fill out their profiles, found on the drop-down menu under their names, on the eCampus student website as thoroughly as possible so they can easily find like-minded colleagues.

“One of the more important intangibles of pursuing higher education is the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and locations — to find others who share similar career goals, experience the same struggles with deadlines or even have the same personal interests,” Buerger says. The People Directory “is a powerful networking tool that helps our students and alumni do just that.”

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