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Learn how to best juggle family and education, as well as a full-time job, and make room for those you love without losing sight of your goals. (Sound difficult? It is … but it’s so worth the effort.)

Stress-free kids

How to tell if your kids are overscheduled

Worrying about college acceptance when your child is only 8 and lining up tons ...

Success tips from University of Phoenix students

Whether they’re checking email messages after a long workday, taking kids to ...

Mother's Day

6 creative Mother’s Day gifts

Sure, taking Mom out for brunch or dinner, or bringing her flowers on Mother’s ...

Study skills

Want to be a better studier? Check out these tips

Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your concentration? ...

Money management

Post-holiday money-management tips

You’ve eaten all the holiday treats, taken down the seasonal decorations, and ...

Time management for students

Top time-management tips for students

“It’s sometimes difficult for students [to return to school] — especially if ...

Halloween safety for kids.

How to stay safe while trick-or-treating

Carving pumpkins, buying candy and finding costumes are often the first things ...

Finishing your degree can pay off

5 reasons to finish your degree

Getting an education while juggling work and family is not easy. Though you ...

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