Business Classes Online

Completing business classes online can give you the ability to work on your time. Enroll in business classes online to learn how to maximize shareholder wealth, optimize resources and manage risk—all through the online learning format at University of Phoenix. All business classes online or on-campus are administered through the School of Business.

Enroll in Business Classes Online at University of Phoenix

You'll learn from experienced instructors who have advanced degrees and professional work experience in the fields they teach. You’ll feel confident learning skills in undergraduate and graduate business classes online that address the fundamental topics of accounting, finance, human resource concepts and marketing.

If you need the flexibility to pursue a business administration degree or an MBA without physically attending class, you can complete your business classes online and communicate with other students on the Web. Get the business degree you’ve always wanted—but never had the time for—with business classes online.

While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. Please contact a University Representative to confirm program availability in your local area.

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