Larry Fitzgerald: Student athlete

Fitzgerald prepares for a career after football

NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is working toward one of the most important completion attempts of his life: his college degree.

It’s a goal he started at the University of Pittsburgh in 2002, where he became a record-breaking athlete and runner-up for the 2003 Heisman Trophy. Getting drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2004 changed his plans for school.

Today, regardless of his accomplishments on the football field, he’s back in class — this time at University of Phoenix. He’s motivated by the promise he made to his mother to complete his bachelor’s degree. And now that he has a son of his own, he says he wants to show him how much his family values higher education.

Larry also knows that a job as a professional football player won’t last forever, so he wants to be prepared for the next phase of his career.

At University of Phoenix, he’s found the support, flexibility and learning format that fit his lifestyle. And just like learning new pass routes and quarterback cues, he’s learning new skills for his future.

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“Larry Fitzgerald — ESPN and University of Phoenix”

Larry Fitzgerald Jr.: When I was in school, Mom was battling cancer. Her main goal for me was to graduate from college — because she felt that with education, that’s something that nobody can ever take from you.

When I look at my son and I tell him that “I want you to complete your degree,” when I have mine in hand, it makes it a lot easier to press him about it.

[Speaking to his father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr.] I remember you coming down hard on us about the academics. If we didn’t maintain a certain grade point average, that, you know, we weren’t even going to be able to play.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr.: Education is that important to the Fitzgeralds. Your mother would’ve never married me without an education. And I would’ve never married her without one.

Larry Fitzgerald Jr.: I like to travel. University of Phoenix has the ideal program for somebody like myself. This is a tailor-made education because it allows me to work when it’s convenient for me. It just works perfectly. You know, I even studied in Antarctica this year.

I want to do something with my degree. I would love to be in the journalism field and do some broadcasting. My major is going to help me with those endeavors.

We do a camp here in Minnesota every year. You know, what’s the most important is that these young women and men, they learn skills that I feel are going to help them for life.

[Speaking to children at his Minnesota football camp] Hard work and dedication, teamwork, commitment to being better: Those are the things that I saw yesterday, and I want to continue to see those same things today.

I realized a couple of years ago that it wasn’t going to be easy; it was going to be a serious commitment. Your mind always needs to be jogged, pushed, be strained. The doors that would’ve been closed if I didn’t have my degree are now going to be open for me. And that’s the thing that’s most exciting.

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