General Education Requirements

We'll make sure your educational foundation is strong

At University of Phoenix, we instill a broad educational foundation as you earn your associate's or bachelor's degree. This general education requirement lays the foundation for your degree program. You'll expand your skills in communication arts, math, humanities, social sciences, sciences and liberal arts — all subject areas that can help enrich your personal and professional lives.

The amount of general education credits required to earn a degree at University of Phoenix depends on which degree program you choose, your location, modality of instruction (online or on-campus), eligible transfer credits, equivalent knowledge or experience and eligible tests you've passed that may be eligible to receive credit.

General Education requirements

General Education Component Associate credits Bachelor credits
Communication Arts 6 6
Mathematics 6 6
Science and Technology 6 6
Humanities 6 6
Social Science 6 6
Additional Liberal Arts 3 6
Interdisciplinary Studies 9 18
Minimum General Education requirement total 42 54

Arkansas General Education requirements

Arkansas General Education Component
Credits Needed
Communication Arts 6
Mathematics 6 (including College Algebra)
Science and Technology 9 (including 2 Science labs)
Humanities 9
Social Science 9 (including US History)
Additional Liberal Arts 6
Specialization 15
Total Credits

To find out your degree programs general education requirements, please contact your academic representative. To review other degree requirements, use the program finder below.

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