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Bachelor of Science in Human Services

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More and more people are relying on social services: from the baby boomer population entering their golden years, to those affected by economic problems or mental health and addiction issues. Our Bachelor of Science in Human Services will help you supply the professional human services that people need to get through these challenges.

With this program, you’ll gain experience as a service provider for both the private and public sectors. It draws from a range of fields such as counseling, biopsychosocial development, human systems and social change, psychology, ethics and management theories.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree also offers a number of electives, to give you more specialized knowledge in the field of helping professions.


Get a solid introduction to the biological, environmental, genetic and psychological underpinnings of substance abuse and chemical dependency. The elective focuses on interventions, treatments, action plans and relapse prevention theory and ideology.

Family and Child Services

This elective prepares you for the issues that face a human services professional working with families and children. You’ll examine the current social systems and polices that impact families, as well as various forms of family violence and child abuse.


Learn how to provide the specialized services needed for the growing senior population with this elective. You’ll explore social programs, retirement issues and personal care needs. You’ll also learn about current social systems that affect aging populations and a range of end-of-life issues.


This elective is designed to prepare you for human service management positions. Managing human service organizations requires specialized knowledge in the areas of grant and proposal writing, program evaluation and balancing resources.


You don’t have to wait until graduation to showcase the skills that employers find valuable. The certificate option allows you to earn credentials that highlight your job competencies on the way to a degree. Certificates are available in following electives:

What you'll learn

The BSHS program curriculum at University of Phoenix employs an interdisciplinary approach for assimilating theory, knowledge, skills and core competencies of today's human service professional. The conceptual framework of the program draws from a range of human service domains such as counseling, biopsychosocial development, human systems and social change, psychology, and management theories. The program is designed with experiential components, integrated within the academic foundation, to provide students with experience as service providers in a range of human service settings in both private and public sectors. The Human Services program's interdisciplinary design builds core skills and competencies based on established methods for delivering a variety of direct service roles in the wide-ranging field of human services. Upon graduation from the program students will be qualified for Registry as Mental Health Facilitators with the National Board for Certified Counselors-International and prepared academically to sit for the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner examination administered by the Center for Credentialing and Education.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services program provides a general foundation of human services theory and application coursework for students at entry levels in the helping professions. This program does not prepare students for any type of professional certification or state licensure as a social worker, counselor or psychologist.

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We help you make an impact in the lives of others

It's become a part of everyday life in recent years: external struggles such as job losses, economic turmoil, foreclosures, bankruptcies — and the resulting internal struggles such as depression, compromised health and interpersonal conflict.

But you have the desire to help people smooth the rough edges of these challenges, and to give them the coping skills and professional human services they need to get through it. That's what draws you to the Social Sciences disciplines.

The University of Phoenix College of Social Sciences helps you gain the essential skills and knowledge to provide the compassion, guidance and service to others in need. With diverse bachelor's and master's degree programs in Counseling, Human Services and Psychology, you can choose the one that provides you with the skill set to help others in the setting that works for you — whether one-on-one, families and small groups, or schools and communities.