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Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management (Certificate Track)

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Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management (Certificate Track)

If you’re a first responder who wants to progress into business management in emergency care, the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management* certificate option is a good place to start.

The program allows you to move the courses that help you learn management job skills toward the beginning of your course sequence, which can help you step up in your career as you complete your degree. Upon completion of the core job skills courses, you’ll receive a certificate that you can use to show mastery of those courses.

Discover how University of Phoenix prepares you to take the lead in emergency management. Speak with an Enrollment Representative about how this degree program can help prepare you to move from fieldwork to management while still in school.

*If approved in Maryland, residents completing this program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with an emphasis in Emergency Management.

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View the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management gainful employment disclosures (CA).
View the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management gainful employment disclosures (MA).
View the Emergency Management Certificate gainful employment disclosures.

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The requires a minimum of credits, which may come from a combination of required and elective courses.

To view all the courses you’ll need to complete this degree program, visit our General Education requirements page.

Core courses

*Although these courses are accepted by some state boards of nursing toward continuing licensing requirements, this may not be the case in all states. Please check with your own state board for applicability.

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University of Phoenix allows you to apply relevant learning, work and life experiences to college credits through the Prior Learning Assessment process. Speak with a representative to find out if you can fulfill some elective, interdisciplinary and/or general education courses by going through the PLA process.

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The Federal Military Tuition Assistance Program

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If you're a veteran or military servicemember who served a minimum of 90 combined days on active duty after September 10th, 2001, you may be eligible for Post 9/11 GI benefits. 

Active Duty Spouse Benefits

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Benefits of this degree program

  • Develop in-demand emergency management skills.

    A 2010-2011 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the increase in health administration jobs will be 16 percent from 2008 to 2018. Getting an education to prepare for the coming growth will help you shape your skills to meet current and future demand. When you graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration degree program, you will be able to:
    • Draw on a foundation of health administration knowledge to help you make effective decisions as they apply to managing health care and emergency operations.
    • Understand how law, ethics, finance and other business-related issues apply to emergency management and the health care business.
    • Analyze current and future demand and risks to successfully plan for emergency response operations and situations.
  • Enhance skills that can apply to multiple fields.

    According to employers, the skills that they need are a demonstrated ability to collaborate, think critically and creatively, and solve problems effectively. The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management coursework and learning tools help you develop these soft skills employers desire.
  • Small class size helps you get the one-on-one attention you need.

    Average class size is 16 — deliberately small so our faculty members will be able to focus on students’ needs.

Is this the right program for you?

Talk to a representative who specializes in the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management degree to make sure this program fits your specific needs. You can also get to know University of Phoenix by checking out the Phoenix Prep Center.

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