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Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration/Informatics

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If you're a nurse who wants to expand your options by taking on a greater role in the delivery and management of health care, our Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration dual degree program with a concentration in Health Care Informatics is designed to help you. This program blends advanced nursing curriculum with the business skills needed to make critical decisions in health care organizations, along with additional coursework in Health Care Informatics. The Health Care Informatics academic work can earn you an en-route certificate (the certificate is also available as standalone). Overall, the program covers policy, finance and more. Your first-hand experience as an RN combined with this degree can help you be an effective health care administrator in many organizations. See how University of Phoenix helps you expand your options and make an even bigger impact on health care.

The program is CCNE accredited and upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to sit for the ANCC Nurse Executive Exam.

For RNs who want to earn this degree, but have a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university, we offer the Nursing Bridge Program. Ask your enrollment representative for details.

Speak with an Enrollment Representative to learn how our Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration degree program prepares you to enter this field.

What you'll learn

Requirements and prerequisites

You will need XXX credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. However, required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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What you'll learn

The MSN/MHA program is designed to provide nurses with a unique blend of advanced nursing and healthcare related business skills to manage in today’s evolving health care delivery systems. The program combines essential elements from both degree programs to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively examine and evaluate issues and trends impacting health care. The MSN/MHA program is designed for those nurses who want to pursue more advanced positions in today’s challenging health care environment. The program blends nursing theory and advanced practice concepts necessary to successful work within the structure, culture, and mission of any size health care organization or educational setting. The MSN curriculum focuses on linking content related to the role of the nurse leader, theory, and research utilization in practice.The MHA curriculum focuses on content related to finance, economics, policy, quality improvement, marketing, and strategic planning. In addition, students can complete course work in concepts related to gerontology, sustainability management, and health care informatics. Graduates will have enhanced their management/administrative backgrounds through a curriculum that provides students with the ability to apply theory to contemporary practice applications. Graduates are able to define their role within the health care system and understand how to make necessary changes to create a work environment which is team oriented and motivating to others. *Nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036-1120, 202-887-6791

This program is a post-licensure education program designed for nurses with current RN licensure who wish to pursue more advanced positions in the health care arena. This program combines essential elements from both degree programs to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively examine and evaluate issues and trends impacting health care. Students also complete coursework related to essential resources and methods for acquisition, storage and use of information in a health care environment.

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Certification in Alabama

State approval of a program to offer Alabama licensed nurses opportunities for advanced degrees does not indicate eligibility for approval to practice as an advanced practice nurse in Alabama. Applicants for approval in Alabama are required to meet the Alabama requirements for national certification, graduation from a specific-type program for the advanced practice approval, and completion of the appropriate application. Any program offering a pre-licensure track to Alabama students shall meet the requirements of the Alabama regulations for pre-licensure programs or the graduates may not be eligible to take the national licensure examination required by the Alabama Board of Nursing to enter practice.