Learning formats: campus, online and blended

Attend college in a format that fits your learning-style preference and lifestyle. You can attend classes at one of our campus locations, online or a combination of both online and ground.

No matter which format you choose, you’ll learn from the same rigorous curriculum taught by practitioner faculty. You’ll work in a collaborative environment with a Learning Team of your peers that aligns with your modality. You’ll also have full access to all our online resources including our learning platform, library resources and mobile app.

Choose from three learning formats:

  • Campus

    If you prefer in-person interaction with faculty and learning alongside peers in a traditional classroom setting, the campus modality may be ideal for you. Meet once a week in a seminar-style class that averages 14 students. You’ll work with your classmates once a week in smaller groups, while completing the majority of your coursework online independently. Participation for campus students is graded based upon weekly attendance.

  • Online

    If you learn better independently, if commuting to class is a concern, or if you prefer to learn from anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection, attending class online may work for you. Log in to the classroom to complete assignments, access course materials and resources, and interact with faculty and students. Participation for the online modality is graded based upon your contributions to online discussions.

  • Blended

    Blended styles of learning offer the best benefits of both the campus and online formats: the face-to-face interaction with faculty and students combined with the convenience of web-based learning delivery. Blended modalities are carefully designed using a customized instructional strategy that leverages the strengths of each.

    • In our FlexNet® blended format, you’ll attend your first and last class of each course at a campus, then complete the rest online. This enables you to get all the benefits of online learning, bookended with face-to-face faculty and peer support.

Although our learning formats are widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and campus formats. Blended learning is currently available at select ground locations. Your Enrollment Representative can help you determine which program and learning format will best fit you.

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