Campus and Online Learning Formats

At University of Phoenix, you can choose a learning mode to fit your lifestyle—whether it's attending classes through our online learning format or campus-based format. The same rigorous curriculum is applied across all methods. Although learning formats are widely available, not every option is offered at every location.

As a student, technology plays a key role in your educational process, no matter which learning format you choose. Please review the computer requirements needed to complete your education at University of Phoenix.

Online Learning

Our online learning is interactive and participative. Students complete one course at a time, progress to the next course in the same way as students who meet at our on-campus classrooms, and work in Learning Teams with their classmates for special projects.

Degree programs that can be completed online is an outcome of the University's recognition of the technological transformation of the workplace and the needs of the working adult student. Rather than gathering in a traditional classroom, students and instructors interact electronically and asynchronously, resulting in increased access for students by allowing them to control the time and place of their participation.

Attending school online allows you to utilize the Online Learning System to let you work in groups, no matter where or when you work. When students login online, they can:

  • check their email.
  • access student services.
  • complete coursework through electronic forums.
  • log in and participate with their classes when and where they choose.  
  • work closely with a small number of classmates in a Learning Team if they're working toward their bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree.
  • communicate online with classmates, instructors, and academic counselors.
  • access a full range of academic functions such as registering for classes, paying tuition, ordering books, requesting transcripts, obtaining grades and conducting research for class.
  • complete 100% of their educational and administrative activities online (excluding doctoral residencies, nursing clinicals and internships, and student teaching in education programs).

Campus-based Learning

If you prefer on-campus learning, you can complete your degree at one of the many University of Phoenix locations across the United States. The campus-based learning option is available in many degree programs and provides an opportunity for students to meet in person with their instructors and classmates. Students enrolled in the campus-based format:

  • attend class face-to-face for interactive, seminar-style instruction just once a week for most programs. (Classes generally are held in the evening. Some campuses offer day or weekend classes.)
  • work closely with a small number of classmates in a Learning Team that meets weekly outside of class to address challenges and issues faced in today's workplace.
  • gain presentation skills in face-to-face class meetings.

Is Online Learning for You?

Deciding if you will go to school online or at a campus takes a lot of thought. So, how do you find out what will work for you? Take our Online Assessment at the Phoenix Prep Center. You'll gain insight into your personal learning style, as well as have the opportunity to preview tools that University students have to help them with their academic success.

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