Introducing the First-Year Sequence

We believe that your first year of college should offer more than prerequisites and busy work. It should help you build confidence for a successful educational journey and give you a strong foundation for your future. That’s where our First-Year Sequence can help.

This innovative series of engaging, interdisciplinary courses is designed to help you sharpen your academic skills as you learn practical, relevant lessons. Courses put you in a real-world setting while you explore problem solving, current social and political issues and business all while learning how to communicate your point of view persuasively.

Our goal is to never hear you ask, “Why do I need to learn this? Or “Will I ever use this in the real world?” We know that when learning is framed in real-world settings, it becomes tangible—and practical. 

If you’re new to college, or have fewer than 24 credits from another school, you’ll start your degree program with this first full year of courses. As an associate’s degree student, you’ll take courses in pairs (also known as a block). As a bachelor’s degree student, courses are taken one at a time. Developed as a progression, each course introduces concepts and ideas upon which the next one will build. First Year Sequence does not apply to the following programs: AAEE, BSED/E, BSLS, LVN/BSN, LPN/BSN, and BSN.

What to expect

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What to expect

What to expect from University of Phoenix

Learn about the financial and time commitments involved in earning a degree from University of Phoenix — before you enroll.
00:01 In school, as in life, clarity is good.
00:04 Confusion isn't. No one gets that more than the faculty and staff at University
00:09 of Phoenix. That's why we thought it would be helpful to walk you through
00:13 what to expect and what not to expect when you attend our University and
00:17 enroll for course work towards a diploma. Before you enroll in our university we
00:22 must politely ask: are you truly willing to make the commitment? Education
00:28 requires hard work and dedication. It demands time energy and financial
00:34 resources. You'll need to study. You'll need to spend 15 to 20 hours per week.
00:40 You'll need to log into our student website at least four times per week for
00:44 active class discussion. Are you willing and able to do that?
00:48 Are you sure? Thomas Edison define genius as 1% inspiration, ninety-nine percent
00:55 perspiration. The same is true of education. To succeed at University of
01:01 Phoenix you'll need to apply yourself and be willing to work hard, to say the least.
01:07 We want all of our students to succeed, but you'll need to do your part of
01:12 course. Every job requires proper tools, education is no different. Students
01:18 enrolled in our online programs or in our local campuses must have access to a
01:22 computer or laptop
01:24 to do the work assigned. You'll need the necessary supplies and software. The
01:30 better equipped you are, the more empowered you feel to perform. Now, a
01:35 brief word about financing. As you probably know,
01:38 education isn't free and money doesn't grow on trees. Like check-out at any
01:43 store, paying for tuition is a requirement. We recommend you plan your
01:47 financing in advance.
01:49 You may qualify for a loan, you may qualify for a grant, but all students are
01:54 responsible for meeting their financial commitments and all loans need to be
01:58 repaid when you successfully complete your degree program, or if you withdraw
02:02 from the University for any reason. Before you make your final decision,
02:07 we encourage you to thoughtfully consider whether these are commitments
02:10 you are able and ready to fulfill. We know you have a choice in schools and
02:15 you'll need to weigh your options. Other schools may offer similar programs at a
02:20 lower cost. Only you can decide which school is the best fit for you, but if
02:25 your choice is University of Phoenix, we welcome you and we'll look forward to
02:30 helping you unlock your fullest potential.



Before attending your first class, we want to make sure that you’re completely informed about the time and financial commitments that you’re taking on. View our walk-through and learn exactly what it takes to earn your college degree.

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