Letter from Bill Pepicello

Our Model: Delivering Classic and Innovative Instruction That Meets Current Needs

To the University of Phoenix Community,

Today’s education needs have changed. What worked years ago may not work today. We recognize the value of change. Our goal is to give students the same transformational education that we unveiled more than 30 years ago—when few people thought a traditional education could be offered any other way than during the day. 

In order for us to continue delivering a quality education rooted in today’s practices and theories, we’re redefining and realigning foundational elements of our student experience.

We’re rolling out several major institutional projects which we believe will reinforce our culture of student success and serve as a model for other institutions of higher learning.

Beginning in February 2010, students who are new to the University and have fewer than 24 credits or who are re-entering their program with less than 24 credits completed will see a redesigned introductory First Year Sequence. In our new First Year Sequence courses students will learn skills that translate beyond the University environment and prepare them for the world outside our classrooms. Students will be progressively challenged and courses will be interrelated so that lessons learned in one course can be applied to others.

Additionally, to help students meet the economic, social and political forces that are driving job growth and demand for human capital, students are being offered greater choices in their field of study. We’re introducing degree programs in emerging areas of interest like education, health and wellness, and the environment.

We’re committed to meeting the demands of today’s workforce as well as the demands of the next generation of worker. From the beginning, we’ve put higher education within reach for adults who want to better their lives through education. And we have seen the value of hiring faculty members whose master’s and doctoral knowledge is enhanced by their on-the-job experiences.

We hope you’ll join us.


Dr. Bill Pepicello

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