Private Student Loans

Looking for a loan to help pay for your education? Check out the private loans offered from various national lenders.

The terms and conditions of federal student loans under Title IV may be more favorable than the provisions of private educational loans. Private loans are not subsidized or guaranteed by the federal government. The University recommends private loans only be considered after applying for federal financial aid.

Private student loans may be available to both students and parents who are not eligible for federal financial aid or who need assistance beyond their financial aid eligibility. These loans are made privately through lenders and other financial institutions and are subject to a credit review and individual lender terms and conditions. The lender determines eligibility and amounts are limited to the cost of education minus other aid.

To assist with finding the right lender for a private loan, visit the Student Lending Analytics website. Student Lending Analytics has developed a list of private loan options to serve schools and their students who need a focused resource for help in finding a private student loan. A student may choose any eligible lender; the University will process the request accordingly. Contact the lender for specific terms and conditions.

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