We always recommend that you conduct a personalized scholarship search to help you to focus in on those scholarships you’ll more likely be qualified to receive. While this is the more effective way to search, scholarship search sites are helpful resources, too.

Scholarship search sites allow you to gather a decent-sized list of potential scholarships with minimal effort. This is great if you’re limited on time or you’re new to the process and not sure where to start. As you review the list of possibilities, you might identify other places to look for scholarships

One thing to remember is that many of the scholarships on these sites are national scholarships with a few local ones mixed in. Knowing this can help you decide how to spend your time when searching.

University of Phoenix students have access to iGrad’s scholarship search feature through the student website. After logging in, go to the Account tab to access the iGrad link. Then, click on Scholarships at the top. Besides their search tool, iGrad also has a scholarship module and workbook available.

Sign-up Required
Certain sites require you to sign-up to search their database. To do this, you create a username and password. From there, you fill out their profile questionnaire, including demographic, academic and extracurricular information. Using the info provided, the site matches you with potential scholarships for which you might be eligible to apply.

When you join, your profile is saved. You can return at any time to update your information and/or search for more scholarships. Some sites even send alerts to your email. We’d recommend setting up an email address just for the scholarship process. Remember to pick an appropriate one.

Here are sites that require registration:

No Sign-up Required
Not all search sites require users to register. Instead, you complete a simple form or choose options from an offered list. Then, the site shows you scholarships based on the provided information or given selection.

These sites are good if you don’t want to have your information saved. It just means you have to conduct your search from the beginning each time. Remember, the more information you provide, the more specific the search results will be.

Here are sites that don’t require you to sign-up:

Other Options
A few sites give you the option to either sign-up to create a saved profile or to access their lists without registering. These include:

If you do use a scholarship search site, we recommend you try more than one to optimize your list of results. Each site has its own unique database and search parameters. You can enter the same information on two sites, but you’ll receive a different list of possible scholarships from each one.

As you search, keep track of the scholarships that interest you. Several sites give you the option to save a scholarship as a favorite. Otherwise, you can just create a list, like this one.

And, remember that you won’t qualify for every scholarships that shows up in your search. Always review the criteria and deadlines to make sure you can and want to apply.

If you have questions, contact your advisor or the scholarship department at scholarships@phoenix.edu.

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