University of Phoenix Scholarships

University of Phoenix offers a number of institutional scholarships to help make higher education more available for working adults. We also assist students in reaching their educational goals.

The University usually partners with nonprofit organizations that help promote scholarship programs.

How we define you: Prospective and Current Students

The Center for Scholarship Excellence (CSE) has scholarship programs for prospective and current students. Every scholarship has unique criteria; review the application carefully to see if you meet the requirements.

Prospective Students

  • I’ve never attended University of Phoenix.
  • I completed my admissions paperwork more than six months ago but never completed my first credit-bearing course.
  • I have not attended University of Phoenix within the past 365 days.

Current Students

  • I am currently enrolled or attending University of Phoenix.
  • I completed my admissions paperwork less than six months ago.
  • I have attended a University of Phoenix course within the past 365 days.

Review this list of currently open scholarships. Check back as scholarship opportunities update regularly.


Scholarships Prospective Students

Scholarships Current Students