Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Barry Lipscombe

Alumnus - Fort Collins, Colorado

Barry was the first person in his family to earn a college degree and it was 22 years in the making. When he started college out of high school he wasn’t able to stay on track. Work responsibilities and a family later, he realized he needed to get back on track if he ever wanted to advance his career. Soon after graduating he earned a promotion and went from IT Manager to IT Director. He always saw his career through a technical lens, but his education at University of Phoenix added an extra value to his work and helped him see the business end of the problems he was using technology to fix. He had such a good experience as a student, he went on to earn his MBA. He wants to pay forward the support and belief his employer held in him, to his wife.

Deniese Lipscombe

Recipient - Fort Collins, Colorado

Deniese is a giver. She supported her husband financially and emotionally during his early education pursuits. She volunteers regularly at her children’s school by being a classroom volunteer, tutor, and event organizer. She’s even been known to pay for a stranger’s meal in a fast food restaurant. Deniese always pays it forward and her husband knows she is the ideal recipient of his scholarship.

Deniese was raised by her father in a single parent home. She only went as far as earning her GED because she thought college was only for the wealthy and privileged. Through her volunteer efforts she constantly interacts with business, political, and academic leaders. She knows she’d be able to make a bigger influence on the community with a formal education. After years of paying forward the positives in her life to family, friends, and strangers, she deserves a little help herself.

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