Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Bryan Johnson

Alumnus - San Diego, California

Bryan has been awarded great successes upon completing his degree. From his first day of class he has reaped professional benefits which he is thankful for everyday. His classes were organized around the fundamentals of project management and team dynamics. Each class required effective teamwork, involving project charters, team assignments, brainstorming, presentations, and more. The teamwork was challenging and demanding but Bryan is thankful for the professional habits and principles he has learned because he applies them everyday in his career. Within a year of graduating, Bryan was promoted to a senior management position with direct responsibility for two business units within his organization. Thanks to his degree completion he is equipped with the tools for lifelong learning and continued success. He wants to pay forward his education to a deserving education paraprofessional.

Lisa Pargeon

Recipient - Sacramento, California

Lisa is a standout education paraprofessional at a Title I public school in California. The school serves a diverse population including low-income and ESL students. The teachers at Lisa’s school rely on her for her natural ability in the classroom and the ease in which she connects with kids at all levels and abilities. She has worked for the school for over 10 years and has been trying to complete her degree on a part-time basis. She recently graduated from the local community college with an associate’s degree but is also charged with putting her two sons through college as well.

The fiscal crisis in California is threatening to cut public school education which could mean a cut to Lisa’s hours. This scholarship will afford her the opportunity to continue her education and subsequently allow her to continue to pay her sons’ education by freeing her of her own financial constraints. Lisa has proven time and time again that she was made to be a teacher and her coworkers, family, and friends would like nothing more than to see her given that chance.

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