Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Constance Myers

Alumna - Mesa, Arizona

When Constance chose University of Phoenix for her degree-granting institution she was attracted to the flexible schedule, class size, and career experience of the instructors. She wanted to learn from instructors that were in touch with the real world and she received this benefit at the University. Upon graduation, Constance developed her career and personal life. The hands-on lessons and real-life experiences of the instructors prepared Constance for her current position as an Operations Manager over her company’s Phoenix location. Due to her education she has confidence with communication and information delivery. She is ready to put into her career the amount of work and dedication she put into her education.

Floyd Wimbush

Recipient - Phoenix, Arizona

Floyd has been paying for his education for seven years, with no degree to show for it. Floyd was raised by a single mother and as a teenager he took on the role of man of the house. He remained focused, stayed out of trouble, and always assisted his mother with the household responsibilities. He put a lot of pressure on himself to be a positive role model for his siblings and in doing so both have graduated high school. To continue his education and set a good example, Floyd enrolled in the local community college. He paid for one credit at a time, always out of pocket, with no help from student loans. He has been persistent, attending school for seven years. He supports his family so paying for a full-time education is impossible. Constance wants to pay forward her education to Floyd because he is a good person. He never gives up and selflessly cares for his family.

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