Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Eleanor Crawley

Alumna - Windsor Mill, Maryland

When Eleanor left school before she graduated, her support group had little faith she’d ever make it back to finish. Thanks to University of Phoenix and the flexibility of her degree program, Eleanor did complete her degree. She found confidence along the way, as well. She believes she can tackle any problem anyone throws her way. She developed her critical thinking, research, and communication skills. As the Vice President of a board for domestic violence, her coworkers look to her as a source of information and guidance. Eleanor would like to pay forward her education to the one person who always believed she could do it, her husband James.

James Crawley

Recipient - Windsor Mill, Maryland

James and Eleanor have been together since they were 15 years old. They always shared the dream of a college education but life kept getting in the way. He attended Maryland Institute College of Art and Towson University but his parents found themselves unable to continue to pay his tuition. He had to drop out of school and start working full time. When Eleanor completed her degrees at University of Phoenix, it was James’ turn. What they didn’t anticipate was having to take care of their terminally ill grandmother. Now their lives have slowed down and James can finally get back to that long-awaited degree.

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