Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Jay Fullerton

Alumnus - Tampa, Florida

When Jay was researching colleges in 2003 he needed a master’s program that fit in with his duties as Principal Staff Officer and Supervisor of Soldiers and Department of Army Civilians. The MAOM was a perfect fit for him and he was equally impressed with the timeliness and care of his graduation team. As he moved through his program he was thankful for the scheduling flexibility he received due to the instability of his military career. Sometimes Jay would work 12 hour days or find himself overseas. He was able to postpone classes when he had to and then graduated on his schedule in 2006. He would like to pay forward his education to his former wife Kathleen. She always stood beside him and now he wants to stand beside her as she starts her new life.

Kathleen Fullerton

Recipient - Clarksville, Tennessee

Like most military spouses, there have been times in Kathleen’s life when she has been both mother and father to her son while Jay was deployed. She also spent the past 27 years serving our nation’s military on domestic bases. She gave of her time and talent to military units’ Family Readiness Group. She also taught basket weaving, encouraging her students to make something beautiful and useful with their own hands. Since 1988 she has stood beside her husband during his educational pursuits. Now that they are separated Kathleen is starting over with a new life. She needs this scholarship to be able to attend college and complete her degree. She started school over 10 years ago but was never able to finish. 2010 is going to be a good year for Kathleen as she puts herself first and foremost and finally realizes her own dreams.

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