Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Jolie Hendricks

Alumna - Aurora, Colorado

Jolie was looking to advance her career when she found it hard to make ends meet as a teacher in a public elementary school. Her love of teaching kept her in the education field and she completed her master’s in education with University of Phoenix. She found a great bond and camaraderie with her cohort group as they worked through their classes together. Her instructors taught from a real-world perspective that gave Jolie the tools to apply what she learned in the UoPX classroom to her own classroom. She had such a great experience that she is back for more. She is currently enrolled in a master’s in school counseling program. Jolie nominated her daughter Amber for this scholarship because she wants Amber to realize the same opportunities she has.

Amber Vigil

Recipient - Grand Junction, Colorado

Amber is 28 years old and starting a new chapter in her life. She recently divorced her abusive husband who for years damaged her self esteem. She’s also been laid off from her job. Amber has never had it easy. Her mother raised her and her brother alone the best she could on a limited income and limited time. As a teenager Amber was the victim of a violent crime which could have plagued her for life. Instead, she is fighting to start fresh and new. Her mother isn’t able to pay for her education so this scholarship is her best bet. Her mother is a first generation college student and their hope is that they can inspire future generations in their family to finish college by being role models. Amber is intelligent and creative. She is caring and loving, always having a soft spot for the elderly and animals. She is ready to use her talents and her education to help other people, some just like her.

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