Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Robert Bailey

Alumnus - Fort Bragg, North Carolina

When Robert chose to pursue his criminal justice degree at University of Phoenix he was looking for a program that was applicable to his career in law enforcement, a structure and schedule that complimented the demands of his life, and a mature student body to network and study alongside. What he found was that and more.

His fellow classmates had a “no nonsense” attitude about school work and his instructors shared their knowledge and passion about his real-world interests. Plus, attending class just twice a week allowed him to maintain his other obligations at work and home.

Now Robert is a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. He credits his degree at University of Phoenix with setting the foundation to help form the character and ethical traits to represent himself and the University in the world of elite groups in the military. Robert would be honored to pay forward a scholarship to his wife, Angelica, to share in her success story and the great University of Phoenix experience he had.

Angelica Condesaavedra

Recipient - Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Angelica is the epitome of a supportive spouse. She has sacrificed her personal goals and aspirations to allow her husband his chance at an education. Angelica gave up her promising enlisted career in the U.S. Army to become a stay-at-home mom in order to allow Robert to continue with his military career. She stood by him as he pursued his degree, taking care of their family and home, while he studied and served the U.S. Army in Iraq.

Now it is Angelica’s turn. She has always been an excellent student – scoring high on entrance tests and completing two associate’s degrees in less than two years. Angelica wants to obtain her criminal justice degree and reach her dream of becoming a police officer. Angelica has proven time and time again that she is tireless and determined, especially through her decision to put her dreams on hold by putting her family and her husband, first.

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