Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Steven Pierce

Alumnus - Frederick, Maryland

Steven was enlisted in the military for approximately 15 years when he transitioned to a new assignment. He had to think about his future after the military and where to direct his career. A master’s degree in computer information systems through the University of Phoenix was the top choice for its flexible course schedule, facilitators with real-world experience, and a well-rounded course curriculum providing both leadership and technical expertise.

For Steven the University of Phoenix working group concept fostered enhanced networking, collaborative, and team-building abilities that are critical components of global working environments. He had such a good experience during his master’s program that he returned and completed his Doctorate in Business Administration in 2009. This is quite a feat, especially considering that he had to drop out of high school at 16 and earned his General Education Diploma through the U.S. Army. Steven’s story is unconventional but it goes to show success is possible when you follow your dreams.

Sherry Travis

Recipient - Frederick, Maryland

Sherry Janine Travis is a hard working single parent. At age 11, Sherry moved from the Philippines to Colorado where she flourished. She acclimated to her now home and graduated high school. Shortly after graduation, she married her high school sweetheart and had a baby. She went on to graduate from a dental assisting program but her marriage unfortunately dissolved. She found herself supporting her child on a meager income. Steven and his wife invited Sherry to move into their home in Maryland to give her love and support while she worked out the obstacles in her life. Being a new working single parent, Sherry desires a life where she can be self-sustaining for both herself and her daughter. She looks at college as a means to achieve self-sustainment and increase her confidence in transitioning into a professional work environment.

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