Paying it Forward - 2009 Profiles

Toni Erman-Kirch

Alumna - Mesa, Arizona

Toni has made a career out of giving the gift of education. She received her master’s in education from University of Phoenix and now teaches at the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. Each day she applies the theories and practices she learned in her master’s courses to the learning challenges of her class. Toni teaches students with learning disabilities and those that are behind in grade level – she’s taking time to teach the students whom others have left behind. Her job is full of challenges but she wouldn’t trade it. She invests all she can in kids who need a second chance and advocates for these students in the best way she can by believing in their future and hope for a better life.

Loren Erman

Recipient - Phoenix, Arizona

Loren shares the same passion for education as his mom does. He was born with Kinesthetic, a disorder which involves fine-motor skill problems. He was also diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADHD in second grade as well. Loren and his mom credit his teachers’ caring hearts with helping him through his challenging school years and teaching him that despite his disabilities, he can succeed in school too.

While Loren has always been active in his community, including serving as an Eagle Boy Scout, he wants to do more to give back. Loren wants to pay forward the help and care he received to other special needs students by earning a teaching degree with a focus on special education. He completed his associate’s degree but had to return to work full-time when financial pressures became too great to continue his education. With this scholarship Loren can complete his degree and step into the classroom as a new teacher.

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